In the Philippines, the average annual pharmacists salary isPhp 214,206or$4,164 USD($1= Php 51.44) (PayScale, Jan 2022). Now, let us compare pharmacists salary in the Philippines to the top 5 high-paying countries for pharmacists.

According to Indeed, as of February 12, 2022, these are the average annual basic pharmacists salary per country:

  1. Switzerland:$145, 374
  2. Canada:$127,735
  3. United States:$122, 432
  4. Germany:$118,255
  5. United Kingdom:$99,526

Maybe you are thinking right now to go abroad and make huge money. The pharmacists salary in the Philippines is way too far from these 5 countries. Although pharmacists have fixed salaries, they tend to look for another stream income. Some have side hustles and tried to explore passive income ideas.

I am not a pharmacist but I will guide you on how to make money and how to explore income stream, side hustles and passive income strategies for pharmacists like you. However, these “make money”, passive income and side hustles are NOT limited to pharmacists.

1. Create A Blog Site

According to Google, the 3 types of website that earn the most money are blog site, forum site and free online tool site. Among the 3, a blog site is the easiest to start.


Of course, creating a pharmacology blog site is not an easy thing. You will put extra effort into this. Let your precious ideas in pharmacology and in the pharmaceutical industry be known globally and make money in the long run. You will not only make money but you can also help other pharmacists and students learn. You may follow these steps onhow to make a blog site.

2. Telepharmacy Side Hustles

Pharmacists can work online through telepharmacy to provide services like reviewing prescription orders and medication dosages. Visit platforms such asPipelineRxandFlexJobs. There could be a position that will suit you.

3. Online Tutoring or Answering Questions or 24/7 Homework Help

You can visit Course Hero, Studypool, 24houranswers, Zookal and TutorMe. These are the top 5 tutoring platforms intended for pharmacists and other healthcare-inclined persons and college educators. Just remember, watch out for PLAGIARISM.

Course Hero

Personally, I suggestCourse Hero. This is the first side hustle I encountered online and I earned$1,800+ in my first 2 months.How much does it usually pay? Top tutors earn$500 a week. If you don't have any experience in tutoring, that's fine.

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All you need is a good background in pharmacology and health-related courses. How does Course Hero work? You will answer 1 question or 1 assignment. Depending on the difficulty of the question and length of homework, you can earn a minimum of$2 up to maximum of $19per question or assignment. You can answer 1 question in 15 minutes to 1 hour. Do the math and see yourself earning. Just prepare your credentials. Course Hero pays through paypal. You can withdraw daily with a minimum of$20 to a maximum of $250.


It is easy to apply and make money online withZookalif you have a good pharmacology background. The set-up is just like how Course Hero works. You can earn$3.50 AUD per question or homework.Lately, the platform pays with Philippine currency at Php130 per question. The platform pays monthly on the 15th day of the month.


Make money online and become a tutor inStudypool.This platform gives you the flexibility to work the hours you want. You can interact with new healthcare professionals, pharmacists, tutors and students. You can earn up to$7,500 USDmonthly working from home by just answering homework questions.


24houranswersmay not be appropriate to a busy schedule of pharmacists, nurses, doctors and college educators as it conducts live one-on-one online tutoring sessions. Perhaps this could be a part-time tutoring opportunity you can do from any location whenever you want. Now, make money online through 24houranswers.


Earn$16/hourinTutorMeas you share your pharmacological, medical and health knowledge with students worldwide. You can manage when and how often you want to answer homework questions. You can do it anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

Again, in online tutoring, please avoid plagiarism. You can read my article onhow to make money online for healthcare workers.

4. Medical Transcription


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Medical transcription jobs are jobs pertaining to creating a written version of medical conferences and meetings, physician’s verbal orders or any proceedings with connections to the medical and health industry. An average transcriptionist earns$15/hour.You have a medical background and you can start this side hustle. Try to read my full article ontranscription jobs and the necessary linked websites.

5. Medical Virtual Assistant

A medical virtual assistant (VA) sets, schedules, manages, cancels and reminds appointments to patients through social media and other forms of communications. A medical VA also receives new patients and referrals. You can apply to this side hustle and get clients fromLinkedIn.You can also sign up inUpworkand offer your service.

6. Medical or Pharmaceutical Writing

Healthcare, especially the pharmaceutical industry, needs content to let consumers know their services and products. So, there’s a lot of income to earn in this side hustle. You are a pharmacist and you know a lot about medications.

7. Create Pharmacology E-book

You’ve finished your 4 year course and gained much knowledge in pharmacology. Why not convert your knowledge into writing and sell them online. You can make pharmacology “made-easy” e-books.

8. Work More On Extra Shifts or Do Moonlighting

This side hustle can be so tiring. But if you need more cash, you can put extra effort and more time in the hospital or pharmacy. You work more and earn more.

9. Create Online Pharmacology Courses

Making money online through creating and selling pharmacology courses is the most well-known side hustle for online entrepreneurs which is applicable for pharmacists. This is the most straightforward passive income stream- you make a web-based course once, and this course makes income.

Online courses do not cost a lot and it's modest to disperse. No transportation costs!

If you have skills on making courses, this is absolutely a passive income stream. You can visit these several platforms likeUdemy,TeachableandThinkific.

10. Medication Reviews

You can work from home rendering medication reviews. You can check a platform namedAspen RxHealth.Aspen connects patients to pharmacists and provides schedules as suitable to every pharmacist.

11. Create Pharmacology Audiobooks

If you could create your pharmacology e-book. Record it and make an Audiobooks. You can sell these online to students and pharmacy review centers. If you want to make Audiobooks you can gohere.

12. Become an educator or lecturer

If you want to educate others and become part of the academe. You can become a lecturer online or face-to-face scheme.

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13. Find a paid online medical surveys

Make money online in your spare time and try answering paid medical online surveys. Although it pays some money, it can add your primary income to pay a monthly bill. Remember that answering surveys should be free. You are the one to be paid off and not the other way around. If a survey website tells you to pay for registration or subscription, that's a big no, no.

Check out these websitesReckner Healthcare,ZoomRx,M3 Global Research,MedScape, Toluna Influencers, YouGov, MoBrog and Premise.

14. Start a Podcast

As a pharmacist, you can start a podcast and monetize it online. You have professional and educational experiences. Why not share it online?

15. Invest in Real Estate


This is not our thing in the healthcare field. However, you can invest in rental properties as this will serve as a good passive income stream. Although there are plenty of deductions accessible to land financial backers, they aren't exactly so liberal for those with a major league salary, however they actually exist. When in doubt, rental property will be significantly more steady than numerous sorts of business. Furthermore, rental properties even like considering huge capital additions. Rental property will be to a greater degree of passive income stream as opposed to a venture, regardless of whether a property director is involved.

16. Become an Affiliate Marketer of Drug Companies

Affiliate Marketing is one idea to make money online. Online marketers earn money through this side hustle. You are a pharmacist and I know you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. You can turn your social media account into a money making tool. Affiliate marketing is simply promoting others’ products and earning a commission. You can visitShareASaleand find what drug companies and products you want to promote. There are lots of them. What you need to do is to become an affiliate partner. Copy the affiliate link of products and paste to your social media account. If you have a website, that’s better.

17. Sell Old Pharmacology Notes Online

Another way to make money online is through selling old notes. Look at your saved old notes during college years. Handwritten notes can be sold, but a type-written one has an edge. If you have pharmacology notes and course summaries, you can sell them too. Share and upload your works via PDF or any format that the platform tells you. Be sure that your notes are personally owned. You can set your price per uploaded study material or the platform pays you monthly or quarterly. Selling notes online needs quite an effort on marketing but it is also a means of passive income as you pursue your career or as you relax and sleep.

Try and explore these websites:


Knoowyis a UK-based website you can visit if you want to buy and sell course summaries, lecture notes, practice exams and other study documents. You can sell your old notes at an average of €4 (minimum of €1).


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Besides being an online tutoring platform,Studypoolis pretty much a selling website. You can upload and sell notes and make up to$5000per monthdepending on the quality and the year that the notes were made. You can earn up to $10 every time a student views one.


You can make money by selling notes on Notesale. It also works like Knoowy.

There are also websites that you can visit and sell notes such as Stuvia, Docmerit, Coursemerit and Nexusnotes.

18. Create a Pharmacology Forum Site.

Make a valuable Q and A or Forum website where you can discuss pharmacology stuff. This is your forte because you got the knowledge and every skill in the pharmaceutical industry.

19. Create a Pharmacology Tool Website

I put this in number 19 because I haven’t yet tried creating a pharmacology tool website. As an idea, you can create atool on drug computations.Not only will the pharmacists’ world benefit but the whole healthcare field.

20. Partner’s Job


Lastly, the job of your partner appears to be somewhat bizarre but it is very important. Be that as it may, it may very well be the main elective income stream in your armory, and it is totally passive income to you! The question is whether you have a partner or none. Find one in LinkedIn or other social media you want. There is an advantage if you have the same job or at least you are both working in the healthcare industry because you can make money faster. You can read my articleon the best side hustles for couples.


I'm certain that there are a lot more ways to make money, more side hustles and passive incomeideas out there created by different doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, midwives, radtechs and med techs. Your main cutoff is your own imagination. In any case, as repayment keeps on diminishing later on, you would be very much informed to foster a couple with respect to these en route.

Read more at Triumph of the Scalpel.


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  2. 2 Sign up for special projects or assignments. ...
  3. Snag a moonlighting position. ...
  4. Add to your credentials. ...
  5. Serve on an advisory board. ...
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  7. Look into telepharmacy gigs. ...
  8. Write an eBook.
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